5 Top Tips On How To SAVE Water AND Money!

5 Top Tips On How To SAVE Water AND Money

Saving Water

Making sure that you don’t waste water is not only important for British water supplies – it’s important for our carbon emissions too. Cut down on the amount of water that you use and start helping the environment.

How can saving water cut down carbon emissions?

Treating and pumping water to your home requires energy, this accounts for 1% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emission annually. Then there are activities within the home that cause even more energy loss for example heating the water for your bath or shower. Over one fifth of household carbon emissions are a direct result of the water usage in our homes. If everyone reduced their shower time by just one minute the UK could reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 1 million tonnes.

What can I do to save water?

There are lots of things you can do around the home that will cut down on the amount of water you use, for example switching from a bath to a shower could save you £10 annually on energy bills and £25 on water bills if you have a meter. In the kitchen make sure that you fill up dishwashers and washing machines completely before you use them – half loads will waste energy and water. When doing the washing up use cold water where possible and fill up a bowl rather than leaving the tap running. In the bathroom make sure that you turn off the tap whilst brushing your teeth or shaving as a running tap can waste up to 6 litres of water a minute. Similarly do regular maintenance checks on your taps to make sure none of the washers need replacing: a dripping tap could waste 5,500 litres of water in a year.

How can I ensure my house is water-efficient?

As well as changing your habits, there are practical things that you can fit in your property to cut down on your water consumption. For example replacing an inefficient shower head with an efficient shower head will save you money on your gas and water bill. Using a dual flush toilet allows you to use less water in each flush or for a quicker solution you could fit a hippo in the cistern of your toilet which also saves 1-3 litres per flush, these water-saving devices are usually free from your water company. Make sure you buy washing machines and dish washers that are energy and water efficient. Bathroom manufacturers are also being made to label their products in terms of water efficiency due to the Water Efficiency Products Labelling Scheme, so look for this information when buying a new bathroom suite.

How can I cut down on using water in the garden?

The garden is a great place to reduce your water consumption – and it doesn’t mean that your plants will simply have to do without. Use a watering can rather than a hosepipe or sprinkler and when you water do so in the early morning or late evening when less moisture is likely to evaporate. You could also look at planting more water efficient plants that require less watering and avoid small pots or hanging baskets as larger containers use less water plant for plant.

How can saving water save you money?

Saving water isn’t expensive; it’s about getting into good habits. You can save yourself money by cutting down on the amount of water you waste as your energy bills could be reduced by wasting less hot water and fitting a water meter will make sure you’re financially rewarded for being water-smart.