How do I keep my moving quote from going up?


This is the number one question we get asked all the time. The answer is easy if you understand the three factors that can cause your quote to change. Pay attention to the following three things as you plan your move and you can save yourself some money and some trouble in the long run.

Changes to your inventory

Never got the sofa sold on Craig’s list? Decided you like your dining set too much to leave it behind? Started packing and suddenly find you have more boxes than you thought you would. Things change. Don’t worry about it. Just make sure you tell your removals well in advance of pickup. Last minute additions to your inventory made on moving day will cost you more to ship than you would have paid if your removals knew about them in advance. Each truck has a finite amount of space on it and that extra space you need for things you add at the last minute may have been set aside for someone else. This can complicate matters for your removals and cost you more money, so make sure you make any changes you need to make in advance and save yourself and your removals some headache.

Packing materials

Most people plan to do their own packing but few ever get it all done on their own. That’s what the professionals are there for. Any professional removals should show up with extra packing materials on their truck because they know that most of the time customers don’t entirely understand how to pack some items, or they just get into crunch time and they can’t get it all done before the truck shows up. Budget for some packing even if you are planning to do it all yourself and play it safe.

Logistics on pickup or delivery

Moving to a high rise? New building doesn’t have its own parking lot or requires you to reserve a loading bay? Storage facilities don’t have access for a tractor trailer? These and many other logistical considerations can change your price on pickup or delivery and result in fees for stairs, elevators, long carry, or shuttle. Let your removal company know about these considerations in advance so that they can plan and that may save you money in the long run. Many moving companies will discount these fees if they are aware of the logistics in advance. Giving your removal company more information ahead of time can save you money and help ensure a smooth move at both ends.