Self Moving Services ?

Self Moving Services

Most of the time self moving is a more cost efficient option in moving which requires you to do most of the physical labor yourself or with the help of family and friends. The process begins with you locating one of many self removal companies, which is similar to finding a regular moving company or real estate broker.

Many of these companies are well known and service the entire country; make sure that the references are decent and the licenses are in tact, and you should be fine. The company will drop off a crate, or couple, of desired size at your house, and you will put everything in there yourself (getting some friends to help with you with the physical labor can cut the time you spend into fractions).


After everything is ready, the crate is loaded into the moving vans and they take it to your new house or a warehouse for safe keeping until you are ready. Self removal company would usually provide you with the only key and sometimes you can track your container on company’s website. This way, you not only save money on labor and insurance but also control the entire process yourself.