5 Things to Avoid When Picking a House Clearance Company in London

house-clearance-company-in-london-largeWhen the clutter gets ‘too real’, one has to take measures and usually the best way to deal with clutter is with a good house clearance company. The waste collectors will swoop in; sweep your house in London of all the clutter, rubbish, and waste which you do not want to use and then deal with it all in a responsible way. Naturally, not all house clearance services are the right one. Some of them can be more bothersome than helpful, so you need to be responsible with your choice as well. Here is what you need to look to avoid in a clearance company when picking one in London:

#1 – Big Costs

Be honest, whatever you are picking, when it comes to any service the first factor is the price. It is usually the first thing that pops up when you open an add or look up a service on the web, and it is the thing you look forward to the most when you are waiting for the operator to stop giving information about the service and simply tell you the price. Make sure that the house clearance in London won’t cost you an arm and a leg – remember; the good services should be accessible.

#2 – Unreliable Collectors

The staff is the heart of any company and when you are choosing a service in London, you want helpers who will do the job you want done well. You want ones who will be punctual with the arrival and not make you wait for taking out the rubbish. And when they do come, you want the collectors to be meticulous in their work and thorough with the house clearance, without leaving anything behind.

#3 – Unclear Deals

Some companies are simply tricky. When you check their ad, it seems so irresistible. And when the work is done, they serve you with a bill that will break your bank! Always read the fine print; always make sure that the company you are striking a deal with in London won’t have any hidden fees that will cost you way more than you were bargaining for.

#4 – Unfriendly / Unhelpful Customer Service

The customer service is the voice of the company. When you call and you are met with a friendly voice, you will at least know that you are dealing with a nice, albeit expensive company. But when the operator cannot tell their personal moodscape from their working environment and dumps all the emotional luggage or rude behaviour on you, then you do not want to have any piece of the company that is letting them do it. House clearance services should be just as friendly as your home in London will be once the clutter is gone and the waste is cleared away.

#5 – Non-Green Companies

We have come to the point where we fix whatever the previous generations have broken or started breaking. Sadly, amongst those things is the planet itself, or rather nature. In today’s world, it is best when you are eco-friendly, because the world’s resources are diminishing and the only thing we can do to slow that process down is decrease the natural recourse demand by reusing. That is why house clearance companies need to be green. When they take your rubbish, you need to be sure that everything is going to a recycling centre and not a landfill.

Keep all these things in mind when you are picking your house clearance service in London and you will enjoy the service rather than wait for it to end. Avoiding the bad things about a company is just as important as choosing one for its good sides. Good luck!